Wellness Starts Here

Wellness Starts Here

To help to deploy you on your journey toward a healthier lifestyle or to sustain a path you are already on we are here with some essential support to help you navigate safely and smoothly through the wild terrain of what wellness means to us each of us today. And it is a wild world we find ourselves in! Along with our own individual life stressors, the profit driven interests of big food and big pharma, and so many new challenges and uncertainties each day, we must learn to be our own advocates. To change the way you consume food, you must change the way you look at it. Processed and refined foods are shaping the ways we look, eat, think, feel, and treat our bodies and our minds. The number of brands and products promising to deliver better quick fixes toward health is dizzying, but taking the right steps to stay well, stay energized and avoid the decline we have been told is inevitable as we age, can help us to live out a robust life, resolve of chronic symptoms, with a handle on weight issues and in a better state of mind. But ultimately, there is only one way to establishing lifestyle changes toward these goals and it is your way. You are the owner of a unique constitution — metabolically, physiologically, and emotionally. You are not a one size fits all machine that thrives on hard, fast rules and expectations. You are bio individual.  And, while there are certainly universal laws that apply to everyone within a human design for optimal health, like eating lots of leafy greens, vegetables, fruits and berries as non-negotiables for good nourishment, proper detoxification, and disease prevention. And that getting enough sleep is as an essential for healing and repair and rejuvenation, it is how we choose to implement these into our lives, that is a personal matter.  Spinach or cauliflower? Night owl or early Bird? Rock climber or swimmer? You need to pick what works for your needs, your tendencies, and your tolerances, so you can establish habits that work for you and, succeed at maintaining them.

Awakening to ourselves, also means awakening to the fact that we are living in a world that is out of order. Pressures, deceptions, depletions, and the stressors that all of us live individually, are real, they are mounting in intensity, not going away anytime soon and they are dividing us. We have been poisoned and infected by a highly compromised food supply, high pressure work environments, toxic exposures, financial, social, and family stressors, and what’s more is our very own psychological needs and personal preferences shift at different phases of our lives in response to changing circumstances.  In other words, I want to support you as the author of your own health memoir.  Not by way of a linear, follow this program approach, that insists every single person do the same thing, but rather, in a circular approach.  I mentioned, we are all bio individuals. Unique, with no others like us. And our best health stems as an outcome of the small choices we make daily. But having the time, energy, budget, or patience to figure it out during a busy life, is yet another challenge.  That is why I created Beyond Fresh.

Tired by the propaganda and inability for Americans to source good wholesome, healthful, natural food, year around- let alone every day. We helped take out the guess work with Beyond Fresh and we take your health and happiness as a responsibility and a mission as your guide, and we employ methods that celebrate good health, vs. those that exploit and deny us. After my 1st Pregnancy, I was left with real weight to lose for the first time in my life. I also had a son who was born ill. Today, the two have come together in a way that no one could have ever imagined. Through the need to understand how to be the best advocate for my son, I developed a passion for navigating our food supply and turned to higher education, where I studied all kinds of diets and theories and among all the things I learned, what I want to share with you here, right now, is that your wellness program must be unique to you, for it to be successful. 

So be good to yourself, listen to your body and put your health first.  We created Beyond Fresh to support you on a journey to an enriched life full of happiness and wellness. The power is firmly in your hands. Your primary care provider is you and we are here to help. From Weight management, to detoxifying to getting the right amount of protein and fiber, to more wholesome food choices and options in an array of delicious smoothies, drinks and supplements to more greens, grasses, veggies, fruits, berries, vitamins, minerals and more!

I would like to officially welcome you too Beyond Fresh!

Heather Thomson

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