To cleanse or not to cleanse? We’ve got the answer!

To cleanse or not to cleanse? We’ve got the answer!

The concept of Cleansing is centuries old and many cultures around the world practice seasonal cleansing.  Over two thousand years ago, Hippocrates said that “all disease begins in the gut”. And guess what? That statement is now backed by scientific research and attention to our gut health is finally taking hold in today’s toxic food landscape.  Renowned clinicians, researchers, doctors and scientists, have authored numerous studies, articles and books about the effects of today’s mainstream, modern lifestyles and the widespread use of antibiotics have had on our guts and the essential bacteria they contain, called our microbiome which is said to be more broken and vulnerable to chronic disease and illness more than ever before.

The good news, is that almost any ailment, including —depression, fatigue, weight gain, autoimmunity, insomnia, and a plethora of chronic diseases caused by continual inflammation in our bodies, can actually be reversed through diet. The key is not to treat and dealing with the symptoms, but rather addressing the root cause and prevention. Restoring our gut health, is crucial to your overall health, improving the bodies normal function and performance from the inside out, and it’s easier than you think to get started.

Cleanses are a great way to reset, jump start and shed bad habits or pounds that have crept in. You don’t have to follow crazy diets or spend a fortune to get healthy. Instead, to create and sustain healthy lifestyle changes its best to take one step at a time, one day at a time and one new routine at a time as the building blocks and cornerstones to your overall wellness and well being. When you cleanse, you give your body a new, robust and readied baseline toward re-charged gut health, boosted immunity, a healthy metabolism, better nutrient absorption into your system, increased energy levels, healthy elimination, reduction of reflux, belly bloat, brain fog and overall you are in a better our mood, re-set and readied.  

With all these benefits who wouldn’t want to cleanse.  Well, for many the idea of a cleanse is overwhelming, too difficult, confusing, or even scary and daunting and we get that.  It’s why we made our Beyond Fresh ACV Cleanse super easy and delicious and we boast only the finest, all-natural non-GMO ingredients for maximum nutritional values and exceptional convenience, to support you on your way to optimal health.  I like to take the change of the season, as a time for reflection and re-focus and as spring approaches, I would like to invite you  to join me.  Let us help you jumpstart your journey.  By cleansing and feeding your body the best ingredients on the planet and managing a system fueled from mother nature’s kitchen, the results can be wonderful and plentiful.

From weight loss, to a glowing complexion, increased energy and a more restful night sleep, it can help us to crowd out bad habits for new, better choices along the path toward a healthier lifestyle. Think of it as the start of new perspectives toward how your fuel and support your body, and what’s important for you to change. After cleansing, the first steps toward those better choices can become the new habits we form.  And they are always easier to make when after putting some time into yourself. 

The choices I make after cleansing are always the longest lasting. And, the mouthwatering taste of my ACV, will keep you coming back for more? (Don’t worry! We got this and you!) So, spark your inner healthy self and check out our simple guide on how to cleanse with Beyond Fresh, make the perfect salad and shine up that light of yours!

Heather Thomson




How to use Beyond Fresh Apple Cider Vinegar Cleanse
The Apple Cider Cleanse can be used daily for balanced gut health or within a 48-hour period as detoxifying cleanse, perfect for those looking to jump start a new wellness routine or as daily maintenance to keep you gut health in check.

48-Hour Cleanse: Mix 4 oz. of the cleanse to 4-8 oz. of water. Drink this mixture four times per day between meals for 2 days. Do not exceed 2 days per month. For best results, consume leafy green vegetables and colorful salads as your meals. Drink plenty of water and caffeine-free teas while using this product. Average Days of Supply: 2 days


Taken Daily: Take a 1oz. shot in the morning, afternoon or in the evening.

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