Base Powders – Proteins

  • "The vanilla scent reminded me of a creamy vanilla shake, yet it's loaded with vitamins and superfoods and best of all - less calories!"

    James - Phoenix, AZ
    James - Phoenix, AZ Amazing Shake
  • "I like the benefits of protein and superfoods all in one drink. So simple, just mix with water, no blender necessary."

    Doreen - Buckeye, AZ
    Doreen - Buckeye, AZ Amazing Shake
  • "Absolutely amazing! I usually don't care for chocolate flavors, but this is a delicious powder drink that I enjoyed simply by adding water. "

    Jill - Colorado Springs, CO
    Jill - Colorado Springs, CO Plant Protein - Chocolate
  • "Wow! Twenty grams of protein never tasted so good. I'm planning to drink this every day."

    Donna - Hibbing, MN
    Donna - Hibbing, MN Plant Protein - Chocolate
  • "Portable, easy-to-use product. I couldn't stop sipping it - it tasted like a vanilla milkshake, but with 20 grams of protein."

    Jack - Louisville, KY
    Jack - Louisville, KY Plant Protein - Vanilla
  • "A fresh vanilla smoothie that's convenient and loaded with nutrients."

    Abby - Chesapeake, VA
    Abby - Chesapeake, VA Plant Protein - Vanilla

Master Blends

  • "A great method to capture a variety of healthy seeds, such as flax, chia and alfalfa."

    Margaret - Fort Worth, TX
    Margaret - Fort Worth, TX Earth Fresh
  • "I'm delighted with the organic seeds and sprouts and like the way they separate from liquid as it sits awhile."

    Dorothy - Seattle, WA
    Dorothy - Seattle, WA Earth Fresh
  • "This Earth Fresh Master Blend has a wonderful variety of seeds and sprouts that are visually pleasant to see. I love these types of organic products."

    Amy - Miami, FL
    Amy - Miami, FL Earth Fresh
  • "Field Fresh definitely has that healthy earthy scent, as if I were walking in a field of grass. I love the outdoors so this suited me just fine."

    Maria - Columbus, OH
    Maria - Columbus, OH Field Fresh
  • "A natural flavor alternative with barley, grass, millet and alfalfa. Perfect when I don't want a sweet smoothie."

    Susan - Charlotte, NC
    Susan - Charlotte, NC Field Fresh
  • "Upon opening this product, an essence of meadow and pastures were predominant. The grassy and ancient grains of this blend were ideal for me."

    Rebecca - Arlington, TX
    Rebecca - Arlington, TX Field Fresh
  • "For me, the Ocean Fresh is a bit salty alone, but when I mixed it with Native Greens, it transformed to a sweet, pleasant and full bodied taste."

    Lisa - El Paso, TX
    Lisa - El Paso, TX Ocean Fresh
  • "I like the saltish and herb taste that Ocean Fresh has. It's effortless to make and healthy to drink."

    Nancy - Portland, OR
    Nancy - Portland, OR Ocean Fresh
  • "A bold smell and taste of the ocean. Loved the organic seaweed flavor and the deep colorful green appearance."

    Anna - Oakland, CA
    Anna - Oakland, CA Ocean Fresh
  • "I felt happy and satisfied, as if I just took a walk through a fruit garden. The delightful scent of apples, cranberry and lemon energized my day. I love this product."

    Linda - San Antonio, TX
    Linda - San Antonio, TX Orchard Fresh
  • "Overall great taste. I felt like I got all my fruit for the day. This is an awesome and convenient drink."

    Pete - Dallas, TX
    Pete - Dallas, TX Orchard Fresh
  • "I'm thrilled with the organic line of fresh products. This is truly a master blend of fruits and berries. Feeling revitalized!."

    Barbara - Austin, TX
    Barbara - Austin, TX Orchard Fresh
  • "Wow, less calories than fruit juice, more vitamins and yet still maintains its fruity flavor. Love it!."

    Jennifer - Jacksonville, FL
    Jennifer - Jacksonville, FL Orchard Fresh
  • "Orchard Fresh Organic Fruits and Berries has a wonderful burst of fruit produce. The punch of flavor is exciting!."

    Virginia - Tampa, FL
    Virginia - Tampa, FL Orchard Fresh
  • "I love the smell and taste of tropical fruits, especially ginger and cinnamon! This tops my smoothie list and is my #1 pick."

    Karen - Tucson, AZ
    Karen - Tucson, AZ Tropical Fresh
  • "The blend of fruits and ginger are delightful. I enjoyed everything about this drink and would definitely recommend this to friends and family."

    Richard - Fresno, CA
    Richard - Fresno, CA Tropical Fresh
  • "I would highly recommend this product which tastes great and delivers great nutrition to my body. This contributes to my healthy lifestyle and energizes me during my busy workday."

    Betty - Mesa, AZ
    Betty - Mesa, AZ Tropical Fresh
  • "A burst of tropical flavors. Felt as though I were on vacation all over again."

    Brenda - Raleigh, NC
    Brenda - Raleigh, NC Tropical Fresh
  • "A light tomato flavor. This is a delicious alternative to my juice in the morning, plus it's only 20 calories and healthier."

    Helen - Phoenix, AZ
    Helen - Phoenix, AZ Vineyard Fresh
  • "The pleasing aroma and gratifying taste were most enjoyable. I would urge others to try Vineyard Fresh."

    Patricia - Los Angeles, CA
    Patricia - Los Angeles, CA Vineyard Fresh
  • "If you like tomato juice, you're going to love Vineyard Fresh. The tomato flavor really pops. Perfect for an afternoon pick me up."

    Laura - Omaha, NE
    Laura - Omaha, NE Vineyard Fresh
  • "This was just like having fresh fruits and veggies directly from the vine. Feeling invigorated."

    Martha - Santa Ana, CA
    Martha - Santa Ana, CA Vineyard Fresh
  • "Garden Fresh Master Blend tastes like a fresh salad in my mouth! Convenient method to enhance my daily intake of vegetables."

    Jaime - Fayetteville, NC
    Jaime - Fayetteville, NC Garden Fresh
  • "Each pack contains appropriate scoop, which makes measuring fast and easy. Garden Fresh has a nice aroma of pure beets and leaves. Loved the taste. Would definitely use this product over and over again."

    Kelly - Columbia, SC
    Kelly - Columbia, SC Garden Fresh

Base Powders – Superfoods

  • "Easy to make, revitalizing superfood, with a smooth veggie and herb taste and smell."

    Mary - NY, NY
    Mary - NY, NY Native Greens
  • "A leafy fresh smell and seasoned herb taste. Works well for me."

    Sam - Plattsburgh, NY
    Sam - Plattsburgh, NY Native Greens
  • "This is a delicious convenient powder drink mix. I love the bits of pulp and seeds from the orange, carrots, apples and other superfoods."

    Delilah - Norman, OK
    Delilah - Norman, OK Native Juice
  • "I enjoyed the pleasant texture of Native Juice. It's a cinch to make, just add water and you're done or you can mix it with other Beyond Fresh products."

    Eden - Wichita, KS
    Eden - Wichita, KS Native Juice
  • "Outstanding bold flavor! It smells like strawberry and tastes like pomegranate."

    Jayleen - Georgetown, GA
    Jayleen - Georgetown, GA Native Reds
  • "A rich full bodied drink with bits of pulp from the fruits. So tasty - I couldn't believe it's a health drink."

    Angela - Birmingham, AL
    Angela - Birmingham, AL Native Reds

Health Boosters

  • "I like the nice fruity taste and it's not too sweet. This works great added to any smoothie. I would also drink just mixed with water alone."

    Christina - Oakland, NJ
    Christina - Oakland, NJ Beauty Booster
  • "I will be incorporating the Beauty Booster into my everyday protein shake."

    Angela - Burlington, VT
    Angela - Burlington, VT Beauty Booster
  • "I enjoy the refreshing and minty flavor. This is a good energy drink. It also blends well with water."

    Cathy - Cleveland, OH
    Cathy - Cleveland, OH Energy Booster
  • "I mixed the Immune Booster (cocoa blend) with the Energy Booster (peppermint tea) and enjoyed the flavor. It has a nice taste and I love the smell of mint."

    Donna - Little Falls, NJ
    Donna - Little Falls, NJ Energy Booster
  • "I like this nutritious supplement and the fact that I'm increasing energy with natural ingredients."

    Pamela - Las Vegas, NV
    Pamela - Las Vegas, NV Energy Booster
  • "I enjoyed the convenience of this product. I found it to have a taste of cocoa and mushrooms."

    Delores - Bath, PA
    Delores - Bath, PA Immune Booster
  • "The flavor was not too sweet and tasted more like greens. This blend would be great added to a smoothie with fruit."

    Stacey - Norfolk, VA
    Stacey - Norfolk, VA Immune Booster
  • "Great addition to my healthy nutrition program. The texture was nice and smooth."

    Annette - Richmond, VA
    Annette - Richmond, VA Immune Booster
  • "I loved the taste and smell of turmeric. I train everyday so I think this product will benefit my body a lot."

    Angela - Denver, CO
    Angela - Denver, CO Joint Booster
  • "The Joint Booster has an earthy taste, so I mixed it with Energy Booster which has a peppermint taste and enjoyed it better this way."

    Debra - Cincinnati, OH
    Debra - Cincinnati, OH Joint Booster
  • "I use this product for joint support. I enjoy the taste and smell of turmeric."

    Doreen - Clearwater, FL
    Doreen - Clearwater, FL Joint Booster
  • "Ginger was strong, but overall a great product. Thumbs up for me."

    Shannon - Tallahassee, FL
    Shannon - Tallahassee, FL Passion Booster
  • "It has a ginseng taste and interesting faded root color, with a bit of a kick to it. I'm looking for some passion in my life, so I'm planning to continue drinking Passion Booster."

    Shawn - Clarksville, TN
    Shawn - Clarksville, TN Passion Booster
  • "It's a clean drink that provides and abundance of probiotics. A nice alternative to pills."

    Mackenzie - Amarillo, TX
    Mackenzie - Amarillo, TX Probiotic Booster
  • "I really enjoyed the Probiotic Booster. It has a pure and refreshing taste; plus a clear color. It thickens upon sitting,so I added more water and it was still very tasty."

    Olivia - Sacramento, CA
    Olivia - Sacramento, CA Probiotic Booster

Superfood Stick Packs

  • "Berry infusion was refreshing and delicious. Not too sweet but sweet enough to enjoy. Taste healthy and love the convenience of the sticks. Amazing product."

    Cristina - Plattsburgh, NY
    Cristina - Plattsburgh, NY Berry Infusion Stick Packs
  • "Refreshing anytime of day. Has a wonderful berry taste. I would recommend to all my friends."

    John - Boston, MA
    John - Boston, MA Berry Infusion Stick Packs
  • "I loved the sweet yet mild flavor of cranberry. I felt refreshed and satisfied. Very convenient to use."

    Steve - Oakland, NJ
    Steve - Oakland, NJ Berry Infusion Stick Packs
  • "This is a thirst quencher. It has a lovely aroma of berries and mixes well."

    Deborah - Allentown, PA
    Deborah - Allentown, PA Berry Infusion Stick Packs
  • "Refreshing and not overly sweet. Very enjoyable taste of fruit and berry."

    Karen - Pittsburgh, PA
    Karen - Pittsburgh, PA Berry Infusion Stick Packs
  • "Carrot Zinger was a sweet surprise! Delicious and refreshing, while getting the nutrients."

    David - Morristown, NJ
    David - Morristown, NJ Carrot Zinger Stick Packs
  • "It has a nice taste of carrots and ginger. This product is convenient, simple and nutritious."

    Sal - Austin, TX
    Sal - Austin, TX Carrot Zinger Stick Packs
  • "This product is zesty and full of aroma. I take it because it has more vitamins. I enjoy the smell of carrots and ginger."

    Doreen - Sparta, TN
    Doreen - Sparta, TN Carrot Zinger Stick Packs
  • "I love the taste of lemon! I add it to my water and it helps me to drink more."

    Donald - Albany, NY
    Donald - Albany, NY Spicy Lemonade Stick Packs
  • "Convenient and simple to use. Love the lemon smell and flavor. Looks like real lemonade."

    Sarah - Hackensack, NJ
    Sarah - Hackensack, NJ Spicy Lemonade Stick Packs
  • "I felt energetic after drinking this product. I enjoyed the smell of beets and apple. A very nutritious taste."

    Elizabeth - Detroit, MI
    Elizabeth - Detroit, MI Beet Blaster Stick Packs
  • "I enjoyed the simplicity of this product. Love the taste of beets and apple. It has a nice smell and refreshing taste."

    Samantha - Tampa, FL
    Samantha - Tampa, FL Beet Blaster Stick Packs
  • "This product is refreshing and pleasant. It is a nice balance of flavor and nutrients. I felt more alert and very satisfied."

    Norah - North Bergen, NJ
    Norah - North Bergen, NJ Zesty Greens Stick Packs
  • "It's a convenient, easy way to add some more vitamins and minerals to your diet. This product has a tasty, mild green vegetable taste."

    Chloe - San Diego, CA
    Chloe - San Diego, CA Zesty Greens Stick Packs
  • "This product is convenient and refreshing. It has a sweet smell of greens and spinach."

    Steve - Hartford, CT
    Steve - Hartford, CT Zesty Greens Stick Packs
  • "I found this product enjoyable and subtle. I love it so much that I can't wait to tell all my friends about it. I'm feeling healthy while refreshed. This drink is perfect!."

    Carla - Jersey City, NJ
    Carla - Jersey City, NJ Zesty Greens Stick Packs
  • "I'm a tea fanatic, so Matcha Energy is just right for me! I liked the kick of energy after drinking it."

    Lourdes - Reno, NV
    Lourdes - Reno, NV Matcha Energy
  • "If you like unsweetened green tea, this is for you. It's not sweet, with a slightly strong green tea taste. I would recommend to my friends."

    Angela - St. Mary's, PA
    Angela - St. Mary's, PA Matcha Energy