Tropical Fresh

Natural Flavor

  • USDA Organic
  • Non-GMO, Vegan, Soy Free, Gluten Free
  • Helps Promote Skin Health
  • Promotes Digestive Health
  • Aids in Maintaining Joint Health
  • Supports Proper Circulation

With the creation of its innovative Master Blends powders, Beyond Fresh provides the finest blends of wholesome natural foods based on common combinations found in nature. Each of these Master Blends supplement powders features pure, USDA Organic, Non-GMO whole food raw ingredients that retain their natural flavors without any sweeteners. Beyond Fresh Master Blends take the guesswork out of which fruits, veggies and superfoods you should consume daily. Simply choose the blend or blends you desire, and add to Beyond Fresh Plant Protein, Amazing Shake or other “Base Powder” to increase superfood variety in your nutritious drink. You can also just add water and mix as desired for a convenient, economical supplement. Either way, you’re getting the best that Mother Nature has to offer!

Organic Tropical Fresh Fruits & Herbs Master Blend

To immerse yourself in a tropical splendor, you don’t have to jet off to the islands. Instead, mix up a Tropical Fresh drink from Beyond Fresh.

This amazing concoction includes banana, coconut water and pineapple for a wide variety of health benefits, including healthy digestion, immune health, weight management and satiety (fullness). These fruits help support bone and joint health, promote healthy connective tissue and circulation, and even help reduce cramping and enhance performance. Bananas contain essential nutrients that can support weight loss and improve digestive health. Coconut water supplies essential nutrients that may curb hunger and enhance energy levels. Coconut water is typically used to aid weight loss, rehydrate the body and is good for digestive system disorders. Finally, pineapple contains many vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, beta-carotene and potassium. It is shown to have strong anti-inflammatory effects and promotes healthy digestion.

In addition, vital herbs such as ginger and cinnamon in Tropical Fresh provide benefits such as joint health, detoxification and healthy skin. Ginger is one of the oldest herbal remedies in the world. It contains plenty of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Ginger has been long used to aid digestion, soothe the stomach and helps reduce gas and bloating. Cinnamon is a popular spice used all over the world known to support weight loss and improve brain function, as well as promote healthy sugar metabolism. Enjoy the best that Mother Nature has to offer with this amazing whole food drink mix.


  • "The blend of fruits and ginger are delightful. I enjoyed everything about this drink and would definitely recommend this to friends and family."

    Richard - Fresno, CA Tropical Fresh
  • "I would highly recommend this product which tastes great and delivers great nutrition to my body. This contributes to my healthy lifestyle and energizes me during my busy workday."

    Betty - Mesa, AZ Tropical Fresh
  • "A burst of tropical flavors. Felt as though I were on vacation all over again."

    Brenda - Raleigh, NC Tropical Fresh
  • "I love the smell and taste of tropical fruits, especially ginger and cinnamon! This tops my smoothie list and is my #1 pick."

    Karen - Tucson, AZ Tropical Fresh